Friday, 10 September 2010

Palm Pre Plus & Palm Pixi Plus Gain Verizon Website Listing Verizon Pre Plus & Pixi Plus WebOS Phones Available Now

By way of a brief heads up, having covered the Palm Pre Plus debuting at
CES and having also offered you confirmation that both the Palm Pre Plus
and the Palm Pixi Plus were set to hit Verizon (as well as giving you an
advanced heads up concerning their pricing) both the Palm Pre Plus and
the Palm Pixi Plus have at last become available to order directly via
Verizon s website.
In line with our posting bringing you the pricing of both of the new
WebOS Palm �Plus designation handsets come in at just shy of $150 and
$100 (Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus respectively) subsequent to
factoring in an online discount of $100 though as at the time of writing
the buy one get one free deal that has seen many biting at the bit
appears only to apply to the Pixi Plus " we expect Verizon to update
the listings to offer up this deal for the Pre Plus as well (if previous
indications indeed transpire to be correct).
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