Sunday, 12 September 2010

GefenTV Wireless Hub Revealed GefenTV Hub Transmits HD Video From TV To TV, Uses 60GHz Band

The folks at Gefen are back at it, as they've released a new box that
will beam HD video signals wireless with a(n alleged) lack of lag. The
GefenTV Wireless is the new product, and it uses 60GHz band technology
that's being licensed from SiBEAM.
We first covered Gefen's first attempt at a similar product last year,
but th
ey've changed a few things since then. The 5GHz band technology they
used last year has changed to the 60GHz band. While that unit had a
promised range of 100 feet, Gefen has changed the range of this model to
a measly 30 feet. It's possible their the quality improved from the
100-foot model, or perhaps, 30-feet is just more accurate.
For those unsure of what the GefenTV does, the device comes in pairs of
two, where one box will connect to a HD set-top unit (like a Roku or
Blu-Ray player), and the other will connect to an HDTV of your choice.
Gefen has some big technical innovations in there – they claim the
video/audio stream is never compressed by their boxes, so it keeps the
maximum amount of quality.
The GefenTV comes at a steep price of $1000. They're aiming the device
at users who don't want to run cable – for whatever reason –
from their TV to their media box. The GefenTV boxes and their wireless
transmitting are fully compliant with HDCP standards. The device isn't
shipping yet, with no word on a release date.
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