Sunday, 12 September 2010

Apple Tablet Specs & Features Get Leaked Together with Battery Details Apple Tablet Battery Offers 2-3 Hours Game Play or Wi-Fi Connectivity, Multitasking iPhone OS

One of the Apple tablet features that we have pretty much ignored so far
is the battery. And that s definitely one very
important characteristic of any mobile device. Sure we figure that being
an Apple creation it will sport a great battery but we re not talking
here about a MacBook Pro capable of offering up to 7 hours of battery juice.
The tablet is smaller and it s media oriented. We ll be using it to
browse the web, read books, watch movies and play games. And we ll do
that whenever we get a chance which should significantly drain the
battery. We ll probably use it s Wi-Fi connection at all times to go
online and when a wireless network is out of reach then 3G should be the
way to go. All these activities will require lots and lots of energy.
And a tablet that s plugged in at all times is definitely not very
mobile and more importantly, not very cool.
So what kind of battery should we expect from this beast that captured
everyone s imagination?
One particular Apple tablet beta tester, Jason Calcanis, seems to have
been playing with the device. The tablet is said to have an integrated
HDTV tuner, PVR, wireless keyboard and monitor connectivity,
front-facing and rear camera, Wi-Fi, OLED touchscreen, mouse-like
thumbpads, 3G support for both Verizon and AT T and a solar panel. And
iPhone OS with multitasking is said to also be present.
While most of those specs have been rumored before some of them are
brand new so we ll wait for Apple to confirm everything. But the fact
still remains that the tablet needs a lot of power.
Getting to battery performance, Calcanis says that although eBook
reading doesn t require that much juice, gaming and Wi-Fi Internet
browsing will offer you just two to three hours of battery life. Not
nearly as much as we expect now, is it?
One more interesting thing about this report is that the tablet should
come in three price versions: $599, $699 and $799 depending on size and
We ll be back later today to see whether the details mentioned above
become real so until then let s cross our fingers and still hope that we
don t know everything there is to know about the tablet already.
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