Sunday, 12 September 2010

Apple Tablet Going to Verizon; TV Subscription Not Included Verizon to Hold Own Press Event on January 27; Apple Tablet Not Coming with TV Subscription Offers

The Apple tablet rumor mill is still going strong and personally I can t
wait for the device to be finally unveiled. That way we will be able to
check out its official specs and features, start criticizing it, ask for
more things to be included in the future tablet version and focus on
iPhone 4G-related rumors. Because you know that s how things are going
to pan out, don t you?
We showed you earlier today more �leaked � pictures of the tablet in
action and now we hear that Verizon is definitely interested in what
happens tomorrow. Furthermore it has been reported that while written
content is definitely coming to the tablet, TV subscriptions might not
be available as various TV networks are not particularly excited about
the tablet.
According to some sources Verizon is pretty excited about Wednesday.
Tomorrow is going to be a �big day � and the company is going to hold
its own event at 1 PM EST which coincidentally is exactly when the Apple
event in San Francisco is starting. Does this mean that the tablet is
coming to Verizon? Or is Big Red excited to announce the CDMA iPhone
tomorrow afternoon?
Although the tablet might be a pretty interesting device for carriers
like AT T and Verizon it doesn t seem to be such an interesting gadget
for TV networks. The New York Times says that TV subscriptions are not
coming to the tablet as most TV networks fear that such iTunes plans
will convince people to move away from regular TV watching and make them
lose precious money as they might end up canceling their cable
On the other hand, the tablet should be a great device for enjoying
eBooks, browsing the web and using all those apps that are currently
available in the App Store. Gaming support should also be included so
who s to say that we absolutely need a TV subscription to go with that.
Are you going to buy an Apple tablet or are you rather pissed at Apple
for the rumors related to its latest creation that have been circling
the world wide web lately?
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