Sunday, 12 September 2010

Game Boy Advance USB Flash Drive GBA Super Mario Advance Flash Drive Offers 8GB & 16GB Capacity, Customisation Available

If you re a fan of the Game
Boy Advance handheld gaming system and you re looking for a USB flash
drive that offer somewhat more character and originality than your
usual, off the shelf affairs, how about this custom Game Boy Advance USB
Flash Drive known, seemingly, as the Super Mario Advance.Utilising
Kingston memory, should you not be a particular fan of Super Mario
Advance the vendor, 8Bit Memory, has stated that they are more than
happy to �make any game of your choice into a custom flash drive with
8GB and 16GB capacities on offer.
The Super Mario Advance USB Flash Drive will set you back some $50 for
the 8GB capacity version via the 8Bit Memory Etsy Store and, should you
want a custom version, they ll happily offer up a quote.
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