Sunday, 12 September 2010

Google Nexus One Multitouch Hack Available Now How to Get Multitouch on the Nexus One Yourself

In case you don t want to wait for ages until Google decides to offer
multitouch support for the Nexus One and other hot Android phones like
the Motorola Droid then you can do everything yourself and enjoy pinch
and zoom too.
Sure you can go ahead and enjoy your new Android smartphone without
needing multitouch, but is th
at something you really want to do? If multitouch has been given to the
masses by the Gadgets Gods why shouldn t we use it on every phone that
comes with a touchscreen? After all I bet that everyone wanted to use
fire when it first came out, didn t they?
So in case you re not particularly terrified by taking matters in your
own capable hands then there s a way of getting multitouch to your
Google Nexus One or Motorola Droid yourself. And since Android is an
open OS you are practically encouraged to take action and mod your phone
as you see fit.
What you want to do is root your phone and install a custom ROM version
that will enable multitouch support on your Android phone. Just follow
the link below and get more information about how to perform this magic
Naturally, in case you re not tech-savvy then we surely suggest not
doing anything you re not comfortable with and risk bricking your new
phone in the process. Also, just in case you think we encourage you to
unlock, jailbreak and mod any smartphone out there, then you have gotten
our message wrong. Depending on where you purchased the smartphone from,
there are conditions that apply in order for you not to void your
warranty. And that s something you wouldn t want to mess with.
Another solution that could solve your predicament does exist. Just get
Dolphin, a browser that comes with multitouch support. The browser comes
with RSS feed subscriptions and a Twitter client too so you might as
well get it from the Android Market.
And in case you have your own hack that enables multitouch on the Nexus
One or Droid, drop us a line. Because we don t support nor encourage any
hacks whatsoever either!
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