Friday, 10 September 2010

BeBook Neo eReader Revealed New eReader To Feature Web Surfing, WiFi, Fast Processor

Everybody may be turning out eBook Readers these days, but company
BeBook actually has a legacy in the market. They've released two
previous models (the newer one, the BeBook 2, was covered by us last
year) and their newest creation is the Neo, which looks to compete with
the big boys.
The BeBook Neo isn't an ugly Tawianese clone coming out of nowhere, it
actually features a decent looking design. Instead of going with a full
QWERTY keyboard like the Kindle, they've instead gone with a simpler
iPod-like circle directional pad. It features a 6-inch E Ink screen, and
6-inches seems to the standard for eReaders, as the Kindle, Sony
eReader, others, all feature the same size.
The Neo will be able to display ePub, PDF (both with and without Adobe's
DRM) and TXT eBook formats. It'll also view any pictures you put on
there (albeit, in the monochrome E Ink display). BeBook has got the
battery life on the Neo pegged at 7,000 E Ink pageturns. BeBook claims
that that ARM-11 Freescale processor they use than 2.5 times faster than
other eReaders, but the Kindle also uses the ARM11 processor – so
I don't really know how they got it faster.
It'll have basic web surfing abilities as it'll be able to surf
Wikipedia and Google. It will feature WiFi connectivity but BeBook has
forgone any sort of data-3G connection. It will feature 512MB of onboard
storage, with a SD slot for expansion. Another selling point of the Neo,
BeBook claims that their UI is better than the Kindle.
They're now taking preorders for pound sterling280 ($451) and the device
will ship next month. That's a bit higher than the Kindle, and the
Kindle offers a lifetime 3G connection – but, as we've seen, the
price of the Kindle is highly subsidized by the Kindle Store. Still, the
BeBook Neo looks like a fine eReader for those that don't want to buy
into the Kindle ecosystem.
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