Thursday, 23 September 2010

Five Reasons to Hate the Apple iPad What’s Not to Like about the iPad Tablet?

Now folks I did tell you that we will start to complain the iPad the
minute Apple finishes its official keynote at the Yerba Buena Vista
Center in San Francisco, didn t I? And boy was I right! I already have
reasons to hate the iPad, a device I have been waiting to become
official for a while now, and you will hate it too.
That doesn t mean we won t buy the iPad when it becomes available in
March. It simply means we ll hate the fact that Apple didn t go the
extra mile for the
iPad and you ll understand what I mean in a second.
There s no multitasking! Really Apple? After years of complaints
regarding the multitasking support which we re still waiting to see in
the iPhone and iPod touch Apple has decided not to offer the iPad
multitasking either. We missed this particular �feature � before as we
were dazzled by the pretty pictures which subliminally suggested that
the tablet will be able to run multiple apps at once. How will I be
supposed to run both Pages and Numbers at once while getting ready for a
Skype conference call?
There s no Flash support! I will hate coming to Flash-based websites
which won t be rendered correctly by Safari. Why not include Flash
support? The tablet has the hardware capable to offer you a complete
browsing experience but hey, there s no Flash to go with that.
There s no webcam! Dude, seriously now, are you joking? Every silly
netbook out there has a webcam. Rumors promised not one but two cameras.
While we don t believe in rumors we believe in Apple s ingenuity. Will
the iPad 2 have a webcam? Dare I say two cameras for video conferencing?
Absolutely no USB ports! I understand that the device is slim and it
looks good. But seriously Apple, you couldn t include at least one USB
port? I will have to buy an adapter which chances are that I am going to
lose in order to connect various devices to my iPad.
No CDMA iPad! While this is not a problem for Europeans, U.S. iPad fans
might feel very disappointed for still having to deal with AT T s 3G
Well, all in all the iPad is a very, very, very good device and there s
no doubt about that. Just look at our full coverage of the device and
you ll find plenty of features to be proud of. But the iPad, and I m not
happy to say it, is not great as we initially expected it to be!
Will I still buy one? Of course I will! I'll have to hate it up close
and personal!
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