Thursday, 23 September 2010

European HTC HD2 Has as Much RAM as the U.S. Version Did HTC Hide RAM in the European HTC HD2 Intentionally?

You will surely recall our earlier post on the HTC HD2 in which we
showed you how the U.S
. HD2 will be a slightly upgraded European version. Since the HTC HD2 is
going to be available in the USA a lot later, an upgrade seems like the
regular way to go especially with Windows Mobile 7 ready to be unveiled.
But what we found out today about the European HTC HD2 version is pretty
disturbing especially if it proves to be true. It looks like HTC
intentionally hid 128MB of RAM on the initial HTC HD2 version. The U.S.
model will come with 576MB of RAM on board while the one sold in Europe
should only have 448MB of available RAM.
According to some users the Euro HD2 also has 576MB of physical RAM
available but only 448MB is currently usable. The extra 128MB is
apparently unlockable and HD2 owners have been trying to figure out
exactly how much RAM their handset hides.
Some have taken the HD2 to pieces in order to check the insides of the
phone for themselves while others tried to challenge their RAM with as
many apps running at the same time as possible. It looks like there s a
leaked ROM that will unlock the hidden RAM but we won t advise you to
start dismantling your HD2 now.
What reason could HTC have to hide a significant portion of the RAM of
one handset. If everything gets proven it will raise even more
questions. Why not let consumers enjoy all the features of the HD2?
Maybe HTC doesn t want European consumers to upgrade their HD2 to
Windows Mobile 7 since the specs of the phone won t correspond with
Microsoft minimum requirements.
HTC hasn t yet commented on the situation and hopefully they will have a
very good explanation for all this trouble. In case you own an HTC HD2
and live in Europe, hit us up with details about your handset s RAM.
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