Thursday, 23 September 2010

EVGA W555 Motherboard Revealed New EVGA Motherboard To Sport DDR3 Memory, 7 PCI-E Slots

EVGA had their new W555 monster motherboard on display at CES earlier
this month but little details were released on the motherboard and there
weren't any clear pictures of it. Now, EVGA has released the full specs
on the motherboard and given out press shots and well… it's a monster.
For starters, the W555 is big… really big. It's bigger than the
standard E-ATX or SSI m
otherboard form factors, meaning, don't bother unless you have an ATX
Full Tower computer chassis. Second, EVGA has included two processor
slots. They're of the LGA 1366 variety, which Intel's slot for their
Core i7 chips.
For memory, they have included 12 DIMM DRR3 slots. No word on what the
maximum supported memory for the motherboard will be, but it'll be high,
for sure. The motherboard includes seven PCI-E expansion slots, so you
could, theoretically have seven graphics cards if you found ones small
enough. More realistically, you'd have three or four of the higher end
cards, considering they each take up the space of two graphics cards.
As website reports, both ATI and NVIDIA's drivers for 4x
GPUs are rather… testy, so you might want to hold off on ordering
those four new GTX 295 cards. As for everything else the W555 does, it
does it big. The motherboard includes 8 SATA ports, including 6 running
at 3Gbps and 2 running at 6Gbps. They've included a IDE socket, as well,
for the old-school folks.
Under the EVGA-branded heatsink on the motherboard is a Intel 5520
chipset and two nForce 200 graphics controllers. Despite the nForce, the
W555 will be certified for both NVIDIA's SLI technology and ATI's
Crossfire technology.
No word on pricing or a release date, but this one will easily cost
upwards of $500. Word has it that EVGA will be pushing this monster as a
workstation motherboard, but expect some enterprising computer
enthusiast to buy it so he can run Crysis at 200 fps.
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