Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple Tablet iPad To Get Accessories Apple Selling Keyboard Dock, Convertable Stand With iPad

Cases, earbuds and other accessories were a big part of the iPod and
iPhone and their attached geek culture – and it looks like the new
iPad will follow in the footsteps of it's smaller brothers. To start the
craze, Apple showed off two new accessories for the iPad that they'll be
The first is the iPad Keyboard Dock. The keyboard, which is of a chiclet
design, which has been
previously featured on MacBooks and the new iMac for a while. It will
connect to your iPad via the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the
device and another 30-pin port on the back of the iPad Dock will let you
connect it to a Power Adapter, sync it to a computer, or to a stereo
system for external sound.
For the case, Apple has introduced a great looking case that looks
sharp, but it's also got more than one use. The case's cover folds back
and can be used as a prop-stand to hold the iPad up. It can stand either
almost straight up (about 80 degrees), or flatter to the ground (maybe
about 30 degrees).
Apple is also selling a Dock that is sans any keyboard, an iPad Camera
connection dongle that attaches to the bottom 30-pin port and provides a
USB port for getting digital pictures onto your iPad.
Of course, these are just Apple's third-party accessories. Now that the
iPad's existence is out in the open, expect third-parties to being
producing a ton of cool accessories for the new gadget. Unfortunately,
no pricing was announced for the Apple official accessories.
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