Thursday, 23 September 2010

Apple Tablet Live in Numbers: The Stats Behind the Apple iPad Event Apple iPad Launches After 250 Million Ipods Sold, 3 Billion Apps Downloaded

The Apple iPad tablet was revealed today upon strong numbers about
Apple's growth in recent history.ย The Apple iPad news event at the
Yerba Buena Vista Center in San Francisco, California saw a flurry of
stats not only about the new Apple iPad tablet, but some staggering
numbers about Apple's growth.
What were the numbers behind today's Apple Tablet Live event in San
Francisco?284: The number of retail stores Apple currently has
throughout the world250 Million:ย The number of visitors to those
stores in the last holiday quarter alone140,000: The number of apps in
Apple's app store as of today3 Billion: The number of app downloads from
those 140k apps34: The number of years since Apple was founded in
197615.6 Billion: Apple's revenue in the last holiday quarter alone9.7:
The size, in inches, of the Apple iPad hardware's full capacitive
multi-touch display1.5: The weight of the Apple iPad Tablet, in
pounds64: The total size in GB of flash storage available for the Apple
iPad$14.99: The price of a sample book in Apple's new ebook store, Apple
iBook$9.99: The price for the iWork app for the Apple iPad$14.99: The
price for an Apple iPad data plan, per month, up to 250MB$29.99: The
price for an unlimited data plan for the iPad$499.99: The starting price
for an Apple iPad$130: The additional price for a model with 3G
connectivity$0: The monthly fees for 3G service60: The number of days
until the Apple iPad officially ships to retail0: The number of iPads
Verizon will sell, contrary to rumors before the event.
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