Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple Tablet Live: Apple iPad Gets iBook, Kindle Killer eBook App Apple iBook App Provides eBook Downloads

During Apple's iPad tablet even in San Francisco, Steve Jobs teased the
ultimate kindle killer, the Apple iBook app.ย Apple's iBook is a mobile
book store similar to iTunes, but focused on books and printed media for
the Apple iPad tablet device.
The Apple iBook app for the Apple iPad will feature familiar e-reader
but with an Apple twist.ย The Apple iBook app is both a mobile book
store and an ebook reader, providing both book downloads and display
functionality.ย Users of the Apple iBook app can select a book,
purchase them and read them in either a horizontal two-page display or a
larger vertical display.ย Users can turn pages with a tap to the left
or right of the screen, just like turning the page on a paperback.
The price range for Apple iBook purchases has not been officially
revealed, but Apple Chief Steve Jobs showed a sample book available for
$14.99.ย Apple's iBook app uses the ePub format, and a large range of
publishers including the New York Times have joined Apple in rounding
out its content offering.ย When a user downloads a book using the Apple
iPad's iBook app, they can browse the table of contents, change the font
size and read the book in single-page or two-page format.ย Stay tuned
for more new on the Apple iPad and the Apple iBook app.ย We'll update
this page with more information on iBook as details continue coming in.
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