Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple iPad Goes to AT&T, Verizon Nowhere to be Seen Verizon Misses Out on Apple iPad Deal; Is Big Red Waiting for the CDMA iPhone?

Some of the rumor
s we went through these last couple of months became true tonight while
others failed to be materialized just yet. One of those rumors did not
unfortunately get confirmed tonight and I am talking about Verizon s
involvement in the iPad.
While Steve Jobs announced to the world Apple s breakthrough deal with
AT T everyone must have been asking themselves: �Uhm, so where is
Verizon exactly? � Big Red was said to sell the iPad for a while now but
Steve Jobs only announced a GSM version of the device today. And its
long-time partner, AT T, is going to profit again from a very hot Apple
It just may be that Apple is not ready to launch a CDMA version of the
iPad. Or maybe Apple is just waiting for AT T s time to run out. AT T s
iPhone exclusivity deal should expire this summer, just before the
next-gen iPhone gets launched. Should we assume that only then will
Steve Jobs announce the CDMA iPhone, and, following it, the CDMA iPad?
What do you guys think? Is AT T really ready to handle all that traffic
that s about to hit them from iPad users? What about you Verizon? Can
you hear us now?
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