Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple iPad Accessories Pricing Details Available Apple iPad Keyboard Dock, Apple iPad Case, Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter & Apple iPad Camera Connector Kit Prices in the Wild

The cheapest Apple iPad runs at just $499 which is definitely a great
price for the tablet. It might not have multitask and a bunch of other
expected features but it s still a good deal for an Apple hot product.
The problem is that you might need some additional accessories in order
to take advantage of it to the fullest. And today we have pricing
details for you for all those extra iPad-related gadgets you will want
to buy.
iPad users will be able to select between the following accessories:
iPad Keyboard Dock, iPad Case, iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter and
the iPad Camera Connector Kit.
The Keyboard Dock is definitely something you ll want to use if you plan
on using the tablet to write a lot of text. Unfortunately the iPad doesn
t have dual-connectors which would let you use it in both landscape and
portrait mode. The Keyboard Dock costs $69 and it will let you hold your
iPad in portrait mode. The keyboard itself has function keys, a volume
level, iPod playback features and various shortcuts for the iPad.
The iPad Case will cost you $39 and it will act as a protective cover
and double as a stand in order to let you better enjoy pictures and video.
The iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is going to be available for $29.
VGA will do for now as there s no Mini DisplayPort or Mini HDMI connector.
The Camera Connector Kit cost $29 too. Like I said yesterday there s no
USB port so you ll need this one to transfer pictures to the iPad. Sure
you could always transfer them to your laptop and then sync the devices
but you won t have the computer near you at all times.
So what do you say folks? Are you ready to spend over $150 for
accessories or should I go ahead and add the obvious need for these
accessories as one more reason for not to buy the iPad right now?
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