Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple Tablet Aluminum Back Pictures Available Already Are These the First Pictures of the Apple Tablet?

With 90 minutes more to go until Apple will reveal its latest creation
at the Yerba Buena Vista Center in San Francisco we have two more unique
pictures for you. Although we re still waiting for everything to be
confirmed it seems that we are already able to look at the Apple tablet
s unibody aluminum back (just after the jump.)
The pictures look pretty genuine and we re ready to see Steve Jobs
confirm them in just over an hour. The pictures have briefly appeared on
Chinese website Weiphone and they are rather revealing. We can
definitely notice the extra ports on the sides although at this time we
can t say for sure what goes where.
So folks, get ready to follow TFTS in order to capture all the
excitement around Apple s tablet. We ll look at every inch of the device
and bring you all the hot stuff about it. In the mean time feel free to
express your views on these leaked tablet back pictures!
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