Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Toshiba Expanding Satellite Line Toshiba Adding Seven Full-Sized Notebooks, Core i3, i5, 18-inch displays

Toshiba has completely revamped their Satellite notebook lineup. They've
added full-size notebooks, ranging from a 13-inch model to an 18-inch
one. As you can imagine, each notebook aims for a different price point
and market niche. Most of the machines will come with Intel Core i3 or
i5 processing and graphics from NVIDIA's next-gen GeForce 300 series.
The Satellite A505 will be the flagship model of the new Satellites.
It'll come with an 16-inch display, with a Core i3-330M processor,
GeForce 330M graph
ics and 6GB of DDR3 memory. For multimedia, it'll also come with a
Blu-Ray drive, and HDMI-out, and will have an asking price of $770.
The Satellite L505 will be aimed at the low-end, and will come with an
Intel Core i3-330M processor, integrated graphics and a 15-inch display.
It will come with 4GB of DDR3 for default memory, and with a MSPR of
$460, which is dangerously close to netbook territory.
Toshiba is pushing the Satellite L555 and M505 has a desktop
replacement device. It'll come with an ample 17-inch display, and an
AMD Turion II processor. Graphics will be onboard Intel GMA graphics,
and 4GB of DDR3 memory will be standard. Toshiba is asking $650 for the
'desktop replacement', but I would suggest looking elsewhere for a
desktop replacement.
The Satellite P505 will be the large 18-inch model. It will be standard
with a Core i3-330M, but like the A505, can be upgraded to the high-end
Core i7-720M. Internal graphics are provided by the NVIDIA GeForce 310M
card, and a 500GB hard drive is included. Despite the steeper asking
price of $770, this is much more likely a desktop replacement than the
L555 or M505.
Finally, the Satellite U505 will be Toshiba's ultraportable notebook.
It'll feature a 13-inch display, along with the Core i3-330M processor,
4GB of DDR3 and an optional touchscreen – but without being able
to convert to a tablet-style device, you might not want to dish outย
the dough. You can also opt for an optional WiMax modem, and Toshiba has
set the MSRP at $650.
Despite some weak PR speak and maybe some of these models being a bit
underpriced and underpowered in some categories, there are some solid
notebooks here for Toshiba's 2010 lineup. All of these should be
shipping anyday now.
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