Wednesday, 4 August 2010

MyDitto Cloud NAS Revealed Cloud-Accessible NAS Lets You Access Your Data Anywhere, Via Thumb Drive

Dane-Elec has shown off their myDitto product, a seemingly simple NAS
that when setup, will allow users to access their data anywhere they can
get an internet connection, via a USB thumb drive. The device is being
marketed for the non-technical and the website is promoting it as an
easy-to-use product.
The NAS itself will have two HDD bays with a maximum capacity of 4TB.
For connectivity it will have two USB ports and a wired Ethernet port.
It will support DLNA and iTunes standards for multimedia protocols, but the
real trick here is the top secret myDitto proprietary connection
protocol that connects the NAS to the thumb drive.
We were eager to learn how this exactly worked and how the USB thumb
drive was networked to the NAS (or why you even needed a thumb drive
– why can't your laptop simply connect to your home network over
the cloud and pull data off the myDitto?), but Dane-Elec is keeping all
of the myDitto's inner workings under wraps.
For security, the myDitto will feature personalized security through
authenticated USB keys, combined with a password protection scheme. For
desktops and notebooks, the myDitto can be used with Windows XP or
later, any Mac OS after 10.5, and even Fedora and Ubuntu. On the Mobile
OS side, the myDitto is only compatible with the iPhone and Windows
Mobile platforms.
For those interested, the myDitto will be shipping in March 2010 with a
(moderately steep) price of $250 for a myDitto with an 1TB drive included.
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