Wednesday, 4 August 2010

MSI Wind Top AE2420 Revealed MSI's Newest All-In-One To Feature Core i5 Processor, 24-inch monitor, 1080p

While Apple's iMac may be the gold standard for All-In-One computers,
MSI has been producing their Wind Top line of All-In-Ones for a while
that are quality, Windows based machines. Their newest addition to the
Wind Top family, the AE2420, was uncovered to the public at CES 2010,
and will come in an ample 23.6-inch display.
AE2420 buyers will be able to select between Intel's Core i3 or i5
processors. Some of MSI's previous Wind Top computers have featured Atom
processors and were basically nettops, but the AE2420 will feature a
fully fledged processor. MSI hasn't released exact specs for the device,
but it will feature a graphics card from the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series,
as well as 5.1 audio. The 23.6-inch display will also be a touchscreen,
and will be MultiTouch capable.
For storage the device will come with a 500GB HDD which will be
upgradable to a full 1TB of space. For ports, it'll come with six USB
ports, along with HDMI and VGA inputs. The device will also proudly
carry MSI's Wind Touch technology. Wind Touch, which has formerly been
featured on MSI's touchscreen featured All-In-One computers allows a
smartphone-like touch interface to the PC, and by smartphone-like, I
mean, iPhone-like.
Although we don't know what class of graphics card it'll have or how
much RAM will come equipped, MSI has already promoted the device as
high-end PC, so it'll probably coming packing a considerable punch. The
AE2420 will be out this spring and will set you back $1199.
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