Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sling Receiver 300 Shown Off Sling Box Will Help You Send Content All Over Your House

Sling Media had a lot to show off at CES 2010, including a new Slingbox
and cool remote control, and their third product shown off was the Sling
Receiver 300. This device, when paired with a SlingCatcher (which
connects to your DVR), will let you send your HD video content from your
DVR around your house to different HDTVs, via WiFi.
The Sling Receiver 300 will have all the AV ports you could want,
including HDMI, component and composite. The Sling Receiver 300 will be
capable of transferring 1080p video, but, of course, this is dependent
on your SlingCatcher and your TV service plans. Don't expect the Sling
Receiver 300 to turn SD video into HD video. As for audio, it'll have
digital audio and analog audio outputs. It will be small enough, Sling
Media says, to even be mounted behind many HDTVs.
HDTV viewers often want to extend their main set-top box experience to
another HDTV with minimal hassle and expense. The Sling Receiver 300 can
extend the full quality of a primary HD DVR experience to any secondary
HDTV in the home, while eliminating the cost and problems of running
cable, John Paul, an executive for Sling Media says. What he doesn't
say, is that with a Sling Receiver, you don't need to break any laws by
trying to break the DRM on your DVR's video content so you can transfer
it around your home network.
Unfortunately, like the other products that Sling Media showed at CES
2010, these are only being offered to TV service providers. This one
seemingly will be the least likely to be added, as a Sling Receiver 300
will be one less DVR sold by the TV service company. Like the other
products, pricing and availability is dependent on your TV service
provider picking up the product from Sling Media.
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