Wednesday, 4 August 2010

CLEAR Launching 2 CLEAR WiMax Modems CLEAR Has Announced 2 New WiMax Modems From Gemtek And Motorola

CLEAR has announced two new modems for its WiMax wireless internet
service.ย The Gemtek Series G Home Modem and the Motorola Series H Home
Modem (CPEi 725) will be offered to existing and potential customers
within CLEAR's WiMax service range.
CLEAR's new line of modems will not only operate on the WiMax internet
service, but also provide built-in VOIP capability.ย Both the Gemtek Ser
ies G Home Modem and the Motorola Series H Modem provide internal ATA
connectivity for VOIP phones, which is a new blend of technologies that
has not been available in WiMax modems.ย This allows WiMax users to
avoid needing a second hardware device for VOIP phones, they can easily
plug directly into the base of these modems.
Both the Gemtek Series G Modem and the Motorola Series H Modem (CPEi
725) are available now for as low as $79.99 with a $10 discount.ย
Naturally, you won't get much use out of them if you're not in CLEAR's
WiMax range, but if you're in Las Vegas the Gemtek modem is available
for lease, as is the Motorola modem in Portland, Oregon.
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