Monday, 28 June 2010

Motorola Shadow Android Smartphone Concept Emerges Motorola Shadow, to be or Not to be Google Nexus Two?

A new, interesting handset has been revealed and it wears the markings
of a brand new Motorola Android smartphone design. Resembling the
Motorola Droid, this Motorola Shadow is far more impressive as it might
become, according to some sources, the Google Nexus Two.

he Google Nexus One, along with the Motorola Droid, are the best Android
alternatives for anyone looking for a new Android device. But isn t it
too early for Google to already launch a new Google phone? The company
sold only 20,000 Nexus One units in the first week, a not so successful
launch so far. Sure, rumors suggest that the next Google phone will come
with a QWERTY keyboard but is it going to be the Motorola Shadow?
What s even more surprising is that Google would call Motorola to make a
new Android phone for them. Don t get me wrong, a Nexus Two from
Motorola will definitely be a great device but does Google want to move
away from HTC, the maker of the Nexus One? Should we understand that
Google wants to explore other manufacturers? Or did the recent 3G issues
with the Nexus One disturb Google execs and convinced them to try
something else?
We can t have any confirmation regarding the Google Nexus Two yet and it
will probably be a while until we can announce anything for certain.
Motorola however seems to be riding the Android wave to the fullest. Not
only did the company come up with a bunch of Android phones lately but
it is also the potential designer of the future Google Nexus Two.
The Shadow looks awfully similar to the Droid. It has a large
touchscreen display and a full QWERTY keyboard. I m not particularly
fond of the wrist wrap, but hey, we re only looking at concept photos
for now.
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