Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Germany Not to Use Internet Explorer Anymore? German Government Says โ€�Neinโ€ to Microsoftโ€�s Internet Explorer

Unfortunately for Microsoft a certain country is advising against the
use of Internet Explorer for web surfing and others might follow soon.
Germany is the country whose government is saying �Nein � to Redmond s
Internet browsing solution and the cause for all this commotion is the
recent scandal involving China, Google, hacking and Internet Explorer.
Just a while ago, the European Union, of which Germany is also a part
of, threatened Microsoft with a new impressive fine following the fact
that Microsoft makes Internet Explorer the default, and only Internet
browser found on Windows computers. Microsoft quickly responded by
addressing the issue and making sure that EU customers will be prompted
with a choice for Internet browsers. The move was successful and the EU
Commission was satisfied with the solution.
But now the matter is entirely different. In light of recent events
regarding the cyber-attacks that targeted Google and other corporations,
the German government has come up with a preemptive strike against
future hackers. The government has advised German population not to use
Internet Explorer anymore and switch to some other alternative browser.
The government surely can t impose this as a law as it s a simple
suggestion but Microsoft could see more and more Germans switch from
Internet Explorer to something else.
Microsoft responded to this that the attacks that targeted Google were
performed by highly motivated people with a very specific agenda…
There is no threat to the general user, consequently we do not support
this warning. Well sure, the general user isn t affected but that doesn
t mean that Microsoft shouldn t find a different to assure everyone that
things are going to be ok. After all this is not the first time Internet
Explorer failed and we might see that happen again and again. What
Redmond should do is find a way to finally make IE safer for everyone
and then assure everyone that they can use it for web surfing if they
choose so without risking any unwanted attacks.
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