Tuesday, 17 August 2010

$1,000 BarMax iPhone Application Available in the App Store $1,000 iPhone/iPod touch App Too Expensive for Our Taste

Apple s App Store should be a nice, fun location that should be filled
with fun, useful content for the iPhone and the iPod touch. But as we
already know, the App Store world is dominated by a tyrant that only
lets certain application in. Well to be fair it lets most apps in as
long as they don t break any of Apple s written and unwritten laws.
And it looks like Apple, the tyrant in question, has decided to approve
a way too expensive application. BarMax is the app in question and, at
$1,000, it s way too expensive for our taste. I wonder how people setup
these prices. Do they really think they will score with such apps? Why
not lower the price and make sure you get lots of downloads instead?
Well I ll tell you just why in a second.
BarMax is the $1,000 app and it s apparently dedicated to future
lawyers. Well if you are preparing to become a lawyer well that s
entirely a different thing. Think of it like an investment in your
future and make sure you do pass the bar exam in order to make that
$1,000 back as quickly as possible.
The application was designed by Harvard lawyers and it will help you
pass that exam on condition that you actually study hard. For $1,000 you
get an application that s $1GB in size and that includes audio lectures,
practice tests, flash cards, and everything you would need from a
2-month course. The current version is made for the California bar but
other versions will arrive soon and they will be probably priced
similarly. By the end of the year you should find a BarMax version for
New York and other five popular states and a $500 version will feature
only multiple choice tests.
All in all, although it s still too expensive for our taste, this
application might just be one of the best resources in its niche. What
do you say, young lawyers, is BarMax going to be something you d
consider buying?
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