Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stealth MXP Bio Secure USB Drive Revealed Secure USB Drive Features 256-bit Encryption, Onboard Processor

With all the Google/China dustup, security is on everybody's mind these
days. MXI Security has introduced a new secure thumb drive called the
Stealth MXP Bio, a secure USB drive for the security minded in your
life. In addition to it's software security, it's also waterproof and
The Stealth MXP B
io includes something called the Bluefly Processor, which MXI Security
has trademarked. It isn't clear if this is a proper processor or a
marketing name for something else, but regardless, the Stealth MXP Bio
is pretty secure.
It features hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption, and will be able to
carry SecurID soft tokens. In addition to it's strong security, it'll
also feature anti-malware protection with MXI Security's own ACCESS
Antivirus scanner. It has a 'zero software footprint', perfect for
sneaking around.
On the hardware side, it has a biometric thumbprint scanner for the
extremely secure. Add all of this up, and you can have a three-factor
security wall for getting access to your data, if you count the
thumbprint scanner, password, and the SecurID soft token.
The device is compatible with Windows 2000 to Windows Vista, as well as
Mac OS X Leopard , with no word on when they'll get support for Windows
7 and Snow Leopard. (Linux users, as always, are on their own).
The chassis of the thumb drive is built with magnesium, and meets US
military standards for waterproofing and dustproofing. It will come in
sizes ranging from 1GB to 32GB, and pricing starts at $190 for the 1GB
model and goes up from there.
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