Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Garmin nuvi 1490TV GPS Device Unveiled Gamin nuvi PND to Feature Built-in DVB-T Tuner, Adds Entertainment On The Go

Folks from Garmin have just added to their GPS collection with the new
Garmin nuvi 1490TV that promises to keep you entertained while driving
(or better said, while blocked in traffic). Innovative for the common
GPS PND you've seen, the nuvi 1490TV features a built-in DVB-T digital
terrestrial tuner which means that you'll be able to pick
up freeview digital TV and radio content in fourteen European
countries; and that includes the UK where there are at least 50 channels
to choose from.
Not really into watching video on your new nuvi 1490TV, then the 5-inch
touchscreen display is used to display maps of all of Europe, traffic
camera locations, premium traffic updates as well as the usual point of
interest database. Other specs include a 3.5mm headset jack and inputs
to connect to your TV set.
The nuvi 1490TV is the answer for those who want to keep in touch with
the latest sporting events, soaps or even cookery shows while following
TV recipes in the kitchen, said Colin Lee, Garmin's Automotive Product
Manager. The nuvi's 5 inch screen and mount is just the right size to
place anywhere in the home, caravan or car and is ideal for people from
parents waiting to pick up the kids from school to taxi drivers waiting
for fares.
Garmin nuvi 1490TV debuts in Europe this April for GBP299/EUR299.
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