Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sharp AQUOS LC-65E77UM & LC-60E77UN HDTV Now Official Sharp Announces Two New Big Screen LCD HDTVs: the 65-In LC-65E77UM & the 60-In LC-60E77UN

In order to watch sports streamed by either YouTube or the Xbox 360 you
would require a proper TV set, wouldn t you? Sharp just launched a
couple of big screen LCD HDTVs so make sure you have some extra cash
stashed around the house. The new models are gianormous at 65- and
60-inch and yes, the 60-inch model is the first in the market to come in
this size.
The LC-65E77UM is a 65-inch monster while the LC-60E77UN is its tiny,
little, 60-inch brother. Both AQUOS HDTVs come with Sharp s Advanced
Super View Superlucent Panel technology which should offer you a
�bright and crisp picture with reduced haze and reflectivity. � Sharp s
Fine Motion Enhanced Technology for 120Hz Frame Rate Conversion is also
available and it will be ready to offer a 4ms response time and a great
sports watching experience.
Bob Scaglione, senior vice president and group manager, Product and
Marketing Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation commented on the new HDTVs:
�With the increasing adoption of flat-panel display TVs, consumers
expect larger screen sizes with advanced performance at a good value.
The addition of the 65-inch class E77 series LCD TV and introduction of
a new screen size class at 60 inches enables more consumers to bring
home large-screen TVs. �
The new AQUOS LCD TVs are also going to impress you with their
energy-efficiency. Equipped with Spectral Contrast Engine, Optical
Picture Control and Brightness Preservation picture processing the new
TVs in the E77 series exceed the EPA s Energy Star criteria. Well that
would be a first, wouldn t it? Are these top of the E77 line HDTVs too
The two HDTVs come with four HDMI and two component video inputs, all
1080p compatible. The E77 AQUOS TVs are compatible with various Blu-ray
Disc players and �advanced gaming devices. � They can also offer a
dedicated PC input and an RS-232 is there just in case.
I imagine you like the specs but I also know you will hate the prices.
The LC-65E77UM will cost around $4,499.99 while the smaller LC-60E77UN
will be yours for $3,499.99. Ready to choose one?
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