Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Garmin Intros Zumo 220 GPS For Motorcycles The Garmin Zumo 220 GPS Provides Pricey Biker-Friendly Navigation

Garmin has updated their Zumo line of motorcycle-optimized GPS units for
2010.ย The Garmin Zumo 220 GPS is a road- and weather-friendly GPS unit
that can handle year-round weather conditions and the demands of
high-volume speed.
Garmin's new Zumo 2
20 GPS is the little brother of the Garmin Zumo 665, a unit that hit CES
2010 with a $999 MSRP.ย The Zumo 220 GPS isn't quite so intimidating,
in both size and price, rolling in at around $599.ย For most of us
two-wheeled warriors, a $600 price for a GPS unit may be tough to
justify.ย The motorcycle-minded optimization of these units, however,
is pretty lustworthy…
The Garmin Zumo 220 GPS is weather-proof and bike-mountable, allowing it
to rest safely on your handlebars whenever the road conditions are
driveable.ย The Zumo line uses A2DP Bluetooth to connect with a
bluetooth earpiece or a bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet to provide
road-audible turn-by-turn directions.ย While smaller than the Zumo 665,
the Garmin Zumo 220 GPS is still sizeable with a 3.5-inch display.
The Garmin Zumo 220 GPS will begin shipping in March 2010 at the
aforementioned price of $599.
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