Wednesday, 11 August 2010

YouTube to Bring Live Sports Streaming? Cricket Live Streaming Coming to YouTube This March, Other Sports to Follow

For those out of the know, last year in October, YouTube live streamed
the whole U2 concert from the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, live on the
band's YouTube channel. The event proved to be an amazing success with
more than 10-million from around the world taking part, which is why
Google is now considering live broadcasts — and the first in mind,
live sports streaming.
The possibility for YouTube to start streaming sports is getting
stronger by the day, with the company being rumored to be chasing
sponsors and multiple local backers to help monetize their
transmissions. We're keen to see how the community will take to live
sport. There's a real interest in live events, so we're excited , said
Bruce Daisley, Google UK's leader for YouTube and display.
Speaking of events, Google have done a great job in securing the rights
to stream 60 cricket games from the most lucrative annual tournament,
the Indian Premier League (IPL), which starts this March.
I know how big cricket is for Indians,how many they are and how good
they are with clicking ads, which is why I suppose this experiment will
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