Wednesday, 11 August 2010

IronClad PC on a Stick Available from Lockheed Martin Lockheed Introduces Secure Computing on A USB Flash Drive

If you re interested in a portable personal computer a lot smaller than
a netbook or even a sm
artphone then you should definitely check Lockheed Martin s IronClad
solution. It d definitely surprising to see Lockheed Martin come up with
such a product since they are pretty much out of their league on this
one. Nonetheless, the Iron Clad PC on a stick concept is definitely
worth considering.
The IronClad has been developed by Lockheed Martin and IronKey and it
will offer you an ultra portable PC on a USB stick. All you have to do
is carry it around all day long and plug it into any computer or laptop.
Once you do that you will have instant access to your own personal
computer and all the files stored already on the stick.
The IronClad runs the OS straight from the flash drive and your files
will never be stored on the actual hard drive of the computer you re
currently working on. Each USB drive is encrypted and it also offers
hardware-level protection against various malware threats and
undetectable rootkits.
Charles Croom, vice president of Cyber Security Solutions at Lockheed
Martin had this to say about the new device:
Imagine leaving the office at the end of the day and, instead of
slinging a laptop bag on your shoulder, you tuck a flash drive the size
of a stick of gum in your pocket. With IronClad drives, employees who
need to work at home or on travel, or field operatives who deploy around
the country or around the globe, can carry not just their files but
their entire computer on a three-inch USB drive. We've built a smart
network around each drive, so IT managers have round-the-clock control
of and visibility into the status and security of every device.
The USB drive itself packs at least 8GB of storage space, 256-bit
encryption technology, and a water- and shock-resistant metal casing.
The device will be available at the 13th Annual Congressional Internet
Caucus Advisory Committee Kickoff Technology Policy Exhibition (wow that
s a long event name) on January 26. Anyone interested?
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