Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Apple & Microsoft to Sign Bing Search Deal for the iPhone? Google Search Rumored to be Replace by Bing Soon

is one of the weirdest surprises of 2010. Apple and Microsoft are
currently in talks regarding the possibility of Bing to replace Google
Search for the iPhone. Well that s a show I d like to watch. Two arch
enemies sitting down and signing a temporary peace treaty in an attempt
to deal Google a decisive blow.
It s a strange new world we live in. Until a while ago Apple and Google
were bestest friends while Microsoft was Apple s most important
adversary. But Google grew up and turned out to be interested in other
things besides its search business. The company developed its own mobile
platform and then it quickly came up with a computer OS too. Then came
the Google Nexus One, a phone supposed to fight against the iPhone and
show everyone what Android should be like. And thus the friendship
between Apple and Google was terminated.
In the mean time Microsoft failed to acquire Yahoo but did develop its
own search engine and called it Bing. Its Windows Vista and Windows
Mobile OS failed to impress especially when compared to Mac OS X and
iPhone OS. Nevertheless Microsoft is still the company to go to for many
consumers out there that are looking for cheap new computers and
Redmond-based company is still controlling the computer OS business.
With Windows 7 launched last year and Windows Mobile 7 coming soon the
company will rise again.
With all these in mind I am frankly not surprised to see Apple and
Microsoft briefly join forces against Google. After all Google seems the
main threat to both corporations. Not only does Google have a huge
market share when it comes to online search but the company will also
develop further its Android OS and Chrome OS.
While the deal for Bing search on the iPhone is not yet finalized, I m
not sure most users will like to switch from Google to Bing. After all,
that s how Google won our hearts in the first place, with useful
services like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and the list could go on. We
ll be waiting for official confirmation regarding this Bing deal before
we start getting used to the new search engine. And, Google, the ball is
in your court. How will you respond?
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