Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Windows Mobile 7 to Get Delayed to 2011… Unless It Doesn’t When Will Windows Mobile 7 be Launched?

What happened to Windows Mobile you ask? Well, putting it gently, and I
m sure the mobile OS still have plenty of fans out there that will
defend it, it s not worth mentioning anymore. Especially since there s
nothing about it to be mentioned these days.What we hear lately
is Android, Android, Android, iPhone, tablet, BlackBerry. Basically
the big guns in the mobile business are all getting Android bullets
while Microsoft, and Nokia while we re at it, can only watch the show
without interfering that much. What about Windows Mobile 7 then?
The OS was mentioned at CES and Microsoft officials said that there will
be some Windows Mobile 7 talk at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona, Spain.
But rumors say that Redmond s latest OS has been pushed back all the way
to 2011. Who s to blame? Well Android and the iPhone of course. These
two brands are dominating the smartphone business with RIM trailing very
close by. I am talking about buzz, news, rumors and leaks and not
necessarily about actual phone sales.
But when it comes to sales we ll find that the iPhone followed by RIM
are at the top of the food chain while Android is definitely moving past
Windows Mobile. These are all reasons that could make Microsoft delay
Windows Mobile 7 even more. Redmond probably knows its needs a killer
mobile OS in order to convince manufacturers to dump Android. Motorola
for example has already publicly declared that it will focus on Android
only until Windows Mobile 7 hits the streets. Other manufacturers might
be thinking similar thoughts as they all want a better chunk of the cash
consumers are willing to throw at smartphones these days.
So Microsoft may be right, we will definitely be talking about Windows
Mobile 7 at MWC 2010. What we don t know is whether we re going to talk
about why Windows Mobile 7 will be pushed back to 2011 or whether we re
going to talk about the launch of Windows Mobile 7 which should happen
later this year.

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