Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sprint and WalMart Teaming Up For WiMax Tower Network? Walmart Rumored To Build WiMax Towers On Every Retail Outlet In Deal With Sprint

Sprint has tapped an unlikely partner to help build out its next
generation WiMax network.ย Rumors suggest that Sprint and Walmart are
working on a deal that would put a Sprint-sourced WiMax to
wer on the roof of every Walmart retail store in the United States.
At first glance, such a deal with Walmart would be a boon for Sprint.ย
With Walmart's over-saturated coverage of the United States, this one
deal alone would give Sprint jurisdiction to build WiMax towers that
would instantly cover the majority of their service network.ย Sprint
would be able to take advantage of Walmart's private property and thus
circumvent zoning laws and the city-by-city permits needed to build new
towers throughout the U.S.ย Just one deal, and much of the red tape and
paperwork would be handled– and Sprint would take advantage of
clusters of Walmart stores that overlap in 30-50 mile ranges that would
provide full coverage.
What is not clear, however, is how Walmart would benefit.ย Will Walmart
simply name a price, or will they reach further and look to co-brand the
WiMax network under their own banner as well?ย Could this tower deal
lead to an even creepier result– the entrance of Walmart into the
mobile communications market as a provider?ย More to come– for
now, these rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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