Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New iPhone Release Date Rumored for April iPhone 4G (4th Gen) to Feature OLED, Dual-Core CPU & Removable Battery

RIM may have a larger market share, LG, Motorola and HTC may have a lot
more models, but it's Apple (at least in the US) who has the #1 handset.
Of course, we're talking about the iPhone. A sleek and powerful device,
good for both business and personal use, the iPhone is far from being
perfect, hence why everyone dreams of a 4th generation model that would
be packed with goodies, attracting even the worst skeptics.
Rumors have it that a new iPhone is in the works and that Apple will
release the handset coming April 2010.
The fumes ignited in South Korea where a local newspaper citing carrier
KT Telecom have announced that the iPhone 4G is faster thanks to a
dual-core processor (word is that it coudl be an ARM Cortex A9 CPU),
boasts an OLED display and an improved graphics chip that gives it
video-chat functionality.
Speaking of its video chat functionality, we're in to speculate that the
device is going to get an upgraded camera — both front and rear.
On top of that, another new feature is a removable battery (finally!)
which the previous three models, never got.
What about that Google? Who's going to win the iPhone 4G x Nexus One
fight, now?

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