Thursday, 17 June 2010

Vodafone iPhone 3GS UK Availability Confirmed Vodafone UK to Start Selling the iPhone 3GS, Data Plans & Prices Revealed

One month after giving notice that the HTC HD2 will be discontinued for
general customers in favor to Apple's smartphone, today, as promised,
Vodafone UK have officially announced that they're the latest British
carrier to bring the new iPhone 3G
S to their customers.
The 16GB iPhone 3GS is free but requires a two year contract with
Vodafone that will make you shell out pound sterling45 (some $73 at
today's rate) each month, while if you'd like the 32GB model you can get
it for free, too, but you'll end up tied with a 24-months contract that
costs a whopping pound sterling75 ($122) per month.
Those looking to get their hands on the iPhone 3GS but would much rather
go for the cheapest monthly tariff, should know that it only costs pound
sterling30 ($49) per month, which means you'll be spending pound
sterling149 ($242) for the 16GB model and pound sterling239 ($389) if
you need more storage space and choose the 32GB model, from your own pocket.
Not into the faster model, Vodafone UK also has the iPhone 3G on sale.
The 8GB version will go free if youย get your signature on a 24-months
data plan that costs pound sterling35 ($57) per month.
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