Thursday, 17 June 2010

First USB 3.0 HP Envy 15 Laptop Ready to Ship HP Envy 15 Notebooks Pack New USB 3.0 Support

We have showed you various USB 3.0-ready devices here on TFTS while we
waited and waited for computer manufacturers to come up with desktops
and laptops capable of delivering USB 3.0. And it looks like our waiting
has paid off after all.HP is ready to offer the USB 3.0 spec to its
customers starting with its brand new Envy 15 laptop line. So
in case you already have devices that support the last USB standard and
looking for a brand new machine then this laptop might just be the thing
you need.
The HP Envy 15 laptop is ready to be shipped but if you re willing to
wait for other models you can certainly do so as the company will make
USB 3.0 available to other upcoming machines in the near future. At the
same time we can expect HP s main competitors to follow and launch USB
3.0-ready laptops and desktops in the months to come.
If you re thinking about getting USB 3.0 gadgets without having a
computer that supports USB 3.0 yet, that s possible too as the new
standard is backwards compatible. Your gadgets will also work with a
regular USB 2.0 connection, or, God forbid, an ancient USB 1.1 port.
In order to get an HP Envy 15 with USB 3.0 ports you ll have to
configure it with an Intel quad-core i7 processor and the new ATI 5830
graphics card. These items are not related in any way as each one will
not need the other two in order to work properly. It s probably just an
HP strategy to start selling newer and newer hardware to more customers.
According to HP USB 3.0 will also be available in EliteBook notebooks in
a couple of weeks with the 8540p and 8540w models ready to offer you the
new port. What laptop are you going to buy next?
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