Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sony bdporter Cabinet Revealed Sony Media Cabinet Features Blu-Ray Player, Projector, Speakers

Sony announced a new fully-packed home theater cabinet that comes
already filled with a bunch of high-end Sony AV gear. The cabinet comes
with everything you need for high-def on the go, as it includes a
Blu-Ray Player, a high-def projector, headphones, active speakers, and a
60-inch projector screen.
Sony is targeting two markets with the bdporter, one being business
people, who could give high def presentations easily with the cabinet
and roll it from
storage to meeting room to meeting room. Not sure why a business would
need a Blu-Ray player or headphones.
The other market for the bdporter is private use for home users, but
Sony's press release shows a strange picture of the bdporter in a hotel
room, as if a user would want to lug around an expensive AV cabinet
around with them to a hotel. I suppose if you want an HD Blu-Ray
experience, you have to pay the price. Speaking of price, Sony is asking
a steep $7,700 for the cabinet (and all the included equipment) and the
cabinet will come in four different styles. Currently, it's only in Japan.

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