Sunday, 6 June 2010

Apple iPhone vs Google Nexus One: iPhone Wins First Round Or Why Shouldn’t You Buy a Nexus One Android Smartphone Now

This is turning into a deja-vu feeling that I am not particularly fond
of. Ever since Apple launched the first iPhone I was waiting to see the
response of the competition. No cell phone maker was able to deal with
Apple s blow and come up with a decent, fun to be around, iPhone
competitor.Apple, who didn t make any phones until the iPhone, managed
to climb atop of the smartphone business with one simple yet very
complicated gadget. We ve seen the BlackBerry Storm announced as the
true iPhone competitor. Then came the Palm Pre which everyone was
waiting for in the first half of the year. Then came the Motorola Droid,
which is, in my opinion, the only gadget that can truly stand a chance
in front of the iPhone. And then most people anticipated, including
yours truly, that the Google Nexus One was finally going to be the phone
that could affect the iPhone dominance.
Don t get me wrong, the iPhone had and still has its flaws, only it
still manages to make a better impression than everyone else s phone!
In other words, I was wrong again! You will notice how I left handsets
like the HTC HD2, the Nokia N97, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 or the
Samsung Omnia and Omnia II out of this comparison. They are all great
devices but they are simply not running a competitive enough OS.
The Nexus One still has 3G problems and support forums are filled with
complaints about it. Furtermore it lacks multitouch in the U.S. and the
Android Market simply can t be compared to the App Store. Will Google
fix everything? I would imagine so, but the Nexus One failed to make a
good first impression as two major requirements in the modern smartphone
business: 3G support and multitouch, have not been flawlessly delivered.
Maybe Google hurried to launch the phone at the beginning of the year.
Maybe a later launch would have given us a better device. While Android
is still a major threat for Apple, Cupertino can rest assured for now
that it will still dominate the smartphone business with its iPhone. And
in less than three weeks, iPhone OS 4.0 could be unveiled and Google
will have even more things to deal with.
The moral of the story is not to buy the Nexus One yet unless you want
to chat a lot with customer care reps. Better sit on that cash and wait
for everything to be fixed. In the mean time other phones will come out
as MWC is right around the corner.

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