Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Microsoft & HP Announce $250 Million Cloud Computing Venture Microsoft & HP Partner Up in Cloud Computing Business

Microsoft and HP are apparently ready to work together for the greater
good of the consumers. The two companies have announced a joint venture
related to cloud computing. In fact they are ready to put $250 million
where their mouth is so we can t but be curious to see what this
endeavor will bring us.
According to the press release, the HP and Microsoft will deliver new
solutions that will: be built on a next-generation
infrastructure-to-application model advance cloud computing by speeding
application implementation eliminate complexities of IT management and
automate existing manual processes to lower the overall costs
In other words Microsoft might be further preparing for the near future,
a time that could be significantly dominated by cloud computing. We
already know that Chrome OS, Google s first computer operating system is
coming out later this year and it will heavily rely on cloud computing.
Microsoft can t afford to lose any ground to this new computing concept
and by getting a more than decent ally like HP it could play a major
role in cloud computing.
Microsoft s cloud platform, Azure, might be merged very well with HP
hardware in order to deliver new computing solutions. The move might not
affect regular users in any way for now as it s mainly destined to hit
businesses of all sizes that need to have cloud computing solutions at
hand at all times.
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft s CEO had this to say about the newly formed
This agreement, which spans hardware, software and services, will enable
business customers to optimize performance with push-button simplicity
at the lowest-possible total cost of ownership. Our extended partnership
will transform the way large enterprises deliver services to their
customers, and help smaller organizations adopt IT to grow their
businesses. Microsoft and HP are betting on each other so our customers
don t have to gamble on IT.
Who is relying your company for cloud computing?
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