Sunday, 27 June 2010

Netgear DGN2200M Router/Modem Uncovered New Router/DSL Modem From Netgear Has Backup 3G/4G Connectivity

At CES last week, Netgear showed off the perfect solution for those
times when you lose your DSL/cable connection. Their new hybrid DSL
Modem/Wireless Router (model name: DGN2200M) will be able to connect to
a 3G or 4G data network. In the event that your DSL connection drops,
you'll be able to connect to the cell network 'as a backup'.
For the wireless router part of the device, Netgear has included the
new, fast 802.11n wireless standard on th
e device. As for the emergency cellular option, American-based Netgear
says that inspiration came from outside the country. Cellular network
connections for routers are becoming increasing popular in many
countries as backup for DSL, Netgear's press statement explains.
Although they make it clear that they've intended the 3G/4G/WiMax
ability on the router to be used as an emergency contingency, they also
mention that the device could appeal to people who can't get cable or
DSL to their home but are in range of a 3G/4G/WiMax connection. This
router will make it easier for these people to use the cellular
connection on their home computers, as they won't need to tether it to a
cell phone anymore or anything of the nature.
Of course, there's the issue of a 4G data plan. It's hard to imagine a
private citizen who wasn't doing something illegal that led them to need
24/7 internet access and couldn't wait for their DSL/cable line to
return. At any rate, you'd need to pay for a 3G/4G/WiMax data plan for
your router. The router will sell for $180 and will start shipping in
April 2010.
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