Sunday, 27 June 2010

iriver K1 PMP Revealed 3.5-inch PMP Outed, HD capable, eReader mode, FM tuner

There wasn't much PMP news at CES last week, mainly because mobile
phones can rival PMPs in most areas – and most people despise
carrying around additional devices. iriver, once a strong manufacturer
in PMP devices, showed off the K1 PMP, which has a lot of new features
that will rival the abilities of any phone.
The K1 has a great brushed-steel look to it and sports a 3.5-inch
touchscreen. It'll be marketed as the Smart HD PMP and will be capable
of playing HD video. Supported file formats will be MKV, MPEG4, XVID,
WMV and H.264, among others.
iriver has included WiFi connectivity on this device. The K1 will have
an 802.11g wireless radio. To compete with the iPhone, iriver also announ
ced the release of iRiver Open API UCI , an open SDK for widget
development. With this move their going after the
iPhone/Droid/BlackBerry app market. It's likely too late for them to
gain any ground in this space, and they'll have little developer
support, but it's nice to see them include it.
It isn't clear what you'll be able to do with the WiFi connection other
than downloading apps. A web browser is unlikely, though some sort of
social networking features might be tacked on. The K1 will also feature
a mobile TV tuner, an FM tuner, an eBook reader mode (which is likely a
.PDF viewer), as well as a hotly anticipated white board mode.
iriver didn't give any mention of a capacity of the device, and pricing
was unannounced. It will, however, ship at the end of this month.
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