Monday, 21 June 2010

EKS Otus Raw DJ Controller Revealed EKS Has Outed The Otus RAW DJ Controller For NAMM 2010

Music gear manufacturer EKS has leaked a new version of their Otus DJ
controller ahead of the NAMM 2010 show that starts tomorrow in Anaheim,
California.ย The EKS Otus RAW DJ Controller provides the standard
functionality DJs expect out of a turntable controller, plus some new
added functionality and real turntable-like control.
The EKS Otus RAW DJ Controller is a turntable-style music controller
which allows DJs to cue, scratch, modulate and manhandle the tracks they
play in a set.ย Otus RAW can be used in a eith
er a single- or double-deck setup, giving DJs the option of purchasing
one unit and using it with a vinyl turntable or using two together to
manage all of their music virtually.
Any vinyl-friendly DJ will tell you that one drawback to many virtual DJ
controllers is the lack of a traditional pitch slider, which is often
replaced by a touch-sensitive pitch strip.ย The EKS Otus RAW improves
on the standard Otus DJ controller by adding a set of analog-style pitch
sliders with the full feeling of traditional pitch control.ย Beyond
that, the EKS Otus RAW DJ Controller also includes a wide range of
assignable rotary knobs for functions like EQ and effect modulation.ย
It also includes four touch-sensitive trigger pads which can be assigned
to trigger samples or act as a virtual drum kit.
The EKS Otus RAW DJ Controller will be shown at NAMM 2010 starting on
January 14th.ย Otus RAW will ship in the Spring of 2010, yet a price
has yet to be announced.
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