Sunday, 27 June 2010

NEC Reveals Office-Friendly Mate ME Desktop New Japanese Desktop is 'green', Core i5, SSD storage

NEC may be a very minor brand in Europe and the US, but in their native
Japan, they're a major player in the technology space. NEC's new Mate ME
is an enterprise-aimed workstation PC that boasts a 30% energy cost
reduction compared to previous iterations of the Mate ME.
NEC also brags that in addition to the lower power cost, 75% of the
parts of the Mate ME are completely recyclable, which is prob
ably a bigger environmental achievement than the power consumption.
NEC has achieved the power decrease with a completely new motherboard
from previous PCs in the Mate line, as well as solid-state drives
replacing the hard drives. NEC has included software on the computer
that will let users monitor their power usage. The walls of the computer
are made with environmentally friend bioplastic .
This computer doesn't sacrifice performance for the environment. The
Mate ME has better performance over previous NEC workstations thanks to
the inclusion of Core i5/i7 processors and the speedy quick SSD drives.
As for the full specs, the default model will come with a Core i5-560
processor, 2GB of DDR3 memory, a 160GB SSD, a DVD super drive, and
Windows 7 Pro as the default operating system. The base Mate ME will
cost Japanese salaryman types ยฅ171,000 ($1,883). NEC also introduced an
enterprise-aimed notebook called the VersaPro, which also features
similar Core i5 stats, and also is environmentally friendly – at
least, compared to other computers.
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