Sunday, 27 June 2010

VIA M'SERV Home Media Server New Home Media Server Has Two SATA Bays, SSD Support

VIA released information on their newest creation, the M'SERV S2100 Home
Media Server. The M'SERV comes in a sleek case and VIA has promised low
noise and power consumption rates. It measures in at just 10.2-inches
long by 4.7-inches tall, and can provide up to 4 TB of data storage.
While it will function as a NAS if you need it to, it also can function
as more specialized things like a network attached video recording or
log server, and it'll also have support for virtual server apps. On the soft
ware side, it'll support Windows XP, Vista and 7, as well as Windows
Server 2008. For the open-source types, it'll support a wide-range of
Linux distributions, and FreeBSD.
The whole thing is powered by a VIA Nano processor, which is clocked at
1.3GHz. It'll support two slots of DDR 2 RAM. For hard storage, it has
two SATA drives which are mounted within the case and have power ports
as well. A Compact Flash socket inside case also lets you mount a single
SSD drive, but VIA's press release says that SSD can only be used as a
bootable drive for the embedded OS – not for storage.
On the back, the M'SERV will have two Cat6 Ethernet ports, and three USB
ports. For the security minded, the M'SERV will come with VIA's AES
encryption engine that provides on-the-fly data encryption. This M'SERV
is being aimed at small business and home power users, but VIA hasn't
given any details on a release date or pricing, yet.
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