Sunday, 27 June 2010

Mouse Computer Nettop Revealed New Nettop To Feature Atom Processor, 160GB HDD Space

The pundits in the technology world would tell you that nettops will
eventually replace full-sized desktops. To ease our way into the future,
Mouse Computer, a little-known Japanese computer company, has added a
well-equipped nettop, the Lm-mini20 to the marketplace. The nettop is
also fully customizable with RAM and HDD choices.
The standard configuration of the Lm-mini20 will come with the following
specs, an Intel Atom N230 processor (with a clock speed of 1.6GHz), 1GB
of DDR2 RAM, NVIDIA ION graphics, and a 160GB hard drive. Windows 7 Home
Premium will be the factory OS. The Lm
-mini20 will come in at only 20mm thick.
It's worth noting that the Atom N230 isn't a Pine Trail processor, if
you care about the benefits of the Pine Trail line. As said earlier, RAM
and HDD space on the nettop will be upgradable at the factory to higher
opitons (up to 3GB of RAM, no word on how big of hard drive you can get).
The computer is only being sold in Japan for ยฅ34, 800 ($383).
Japanese/import buyers should probably pass on the Lm-mini20 though, if
for no better reason that netbooks with comparable specs are being sold
for less, and that's minus the LCD and extra plastic casing. If you have
your heart set on nettops, there are more appealing models on the market
from Acer and ASUS.
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