Sunday, 27 June 2010

MSI Demos Projector PC MSI Builds All-In-On Projector PC, 1080p Ready, Specs Withheld

We've seen computers inside of monitors before, and ASUS put a computer
inside of a keyboard, but now, MSI has taken it all one step further and
built a fully-functional PC inside of a HD projector. The practical
intent of the device is to be used as a Media Center PC, as the device
is 1080p capable.
The Projector PC is simply a co
ncept device at this point, but the computer is capable of 60-inches of
1080p video. Obviously, one advantage is that you can watch internet
content, say streaming from Netflix or Hulu, on a large 60-inch 1080p
The device is also capable of standing up straight at 90 degrees and
playing video on the ceiling for what MSI calls 'an alternate' movie
experience. The Projector PC was strictly a proof-of-concept and MSI
didn't give out any stats on the computer, or the projector.
The Projector PC was one of three prototypes MSI showed off at CES 2010.
In addition to the projector, they showed off a 3D-capable All-In-One
PC, and an All-In-One where the keyboard slide behind the monitor when
not in use. MSI said the sliding keyboard design was inspired by the
elegance of the jellyfish .
CES prototypes have a history of coming out years later, or never at
all, so don't hold your breath for the Projector PC.
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