Sunday, 27 June 2010

Apple Sends Invites for January 27 Media Event Appleโ€�s โ€�Latest Creationโ€ , the iSlate Tablet, to be Unveiled Soon

Apple has finally confirmed the media event that s supposed to take
place next Wednesday, January 27, at the Yerba Buena Center for the
Arts. We have reported on this before and it looks like the media event
rumored turned out to be true. Does this mean that everything else will
also be confirmed in a little while?
Apple sent out a colorful invitation which says �Come see our latest
creation. � The event is scheduled for 10:00 AM PST and although we won
t be there in person, we will get you all the hot stuff about the
�iSlate � or whatever its name is, next week.
Why am I so sure that the tablet will actually be presented? Well Apple
is going to unveil its �latest creation. � That actually means that the
product we re about to see is neither an upgrade nor a refresh of
something that Cupertino already has in store. So, logically speaking,
the tablet must come out this month.
Apple has done its best to keep the upcoming tablet as hidden as
possible. Nevertheless we have already heard various different rumors
regarding its capabilities and some of them are probably going to get
confirmed in a few days. Most importantly we can only hope that the
tablet will be in store by March. Even if you hate Apple and anything
related to it, you should also want to see the tablet out as fast as
The competition will definitely follow with similar products after Apple
launches its iSlate. So the faster Apple sells it, the faster Microsoft,
and everyone else, will launch the Courier and other tablets.
Naturally alongside the new tablet we expect Apple to unveil iPhone OS
4.0 and make it available to all iPhone owners, but we ll tell you more
about that as soon as Steve Jobs makes it official too.
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