Sunday, 6 June 2010

Motorola Dext & Motorola Milestone to Gain Android 2.1 (Éclair) Update Milestone & Dext Android OS Upgrade Pending, No Date of Availability Yet

Motorola have acted to confirm that, having already advised that their
Droid, Blackflip and CLIQ phones were to gain the new edition of the
Android OS (namely Andorid 2.1 Eclair) via an update in the US, European
consumers can expect an Android 2.1 upgrade for their Motorola Milestone
and Dext smartphones.
Motorola have not gone as far as actually offering up a specific
timeline " or not as at the time of writing, anyhow " but they have,
at least, confirmed that the Android 2.1 update should be hitting
sometime within the next two months or, as they officially put it:
Attention Android lovers. The 2.01 update is on its way for all
Milestone users. The Android 2.1 upgrade for Milestone is also on its
way and will be ready in the next 2 months. We can confirm that Dext
will get the Android 2.1 upgrade as well.
We will, of course, offer you an update the moment Motorola Europe
decide to be more specific though, if you d rather work to keep yourself
in the loop, they have stated that they ll make further announcements on
their Facebook page.
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