Sunday, 6 June 2010

Google Nexus One Tethering Hack Now Available Nexus One Hack Facilitates Both Wireless & Wired Tethering

The Google Nexus One hasn t been available for that long and alread
y, if you re looking to enable teathering on the Nexus One (both wired
and wireless tethering), you ll be please to know that a hack to bring
tethering to the Nexus One is already available.
The Nexus One tethering hack, which comes courtesy of non other than the
XDA Forums (duly linked below) isn t a full ROM update but, instead,
requires that you install a number of add-ons " specifically a custom
kernel, Nano 2.09, Busybox, dropbear, titanium backup and, of course,
the actual tethering option itself.
Of course its strongly recommended that you back up your Nexus One prior
to implementing any of the aforementioned add-ons using Nandroid and,
having done that, you ll need to pop over to XDA for the required
add-ons that are conveniently zipped for you in a single downloadable
which is freelyย available here.
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