Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Google Nexus One Cheaper to Build Than iPhone? Nexus One Estimated to Cost $174 to Manufacture, $5 Less than iPhone

Chris may have put the cat amongst the pigeons somewhat with h
is posting Apple iPhone vs Google Nexus One: iPhone Wins First Round Or
Why Shouldn t You Buy a Nexus One Android Smartphone Now but did kyou
know that the Google Nexus One smartphone is reportedly cheaper, in
terms of the raw cost of components, than the iPhone?
According to a report by iSuppli this is indeed the case with the Nexus
One coming in with, they say (post analysis of its raw components) a
manufacturing raw material cost of some $174 whilst the iPhone "
specifically the iPhone 3GS – reportedly comes in at some $179.
Of course the Nexus One packs in newer components such as a faster CPU
and a larger AMOLED touchscreen display, but, thanks to sporting just
4GB of memory courtesy of a microSD card versus the minimum 16GB of
onboard capacity offered up by the iPhone 3GS the iPhone apparently
comes in at a slightly higher cost in terms of materials.
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